Here at Post & Beam we are a highly sklled team of specialist carpenters

We promote proven natural building materials and our Natural Panels utilise low impact, ecologically sound woodfibre insulation.

Alongside our renowned oak frames, we have been pioneering the use of innovative timber based solutions for over 10 years.

As an alternative to standard SIP panels, Natural Panel by Post & Beam harnesses low impact, ecologically proven woodfibre insulation for a more sustainable building encapsulation system.


Natural Panels by Post & Beam offers a prefabricated timber wall, floor and roof panel system to comply with higher ecological building standards

Architects, designers and construction professionals are becoming more aware of the benefits provided by natural building materials. Being early adopters and having successfully incorporated woodfibre insulation products in both domestic houses and larger commercial spaces, we have gained a wealth of knowledge in this evolving build system. Unlike the majority of chemical-based insulation panels, our Natural Panel system promotes a positive CO2 balance as well as reducing harmful components.

Natural Panel by Post & Beam is an adaptable panel system that is capable of achieving passivhaus standards.

Wall and roof thicknesses can be adjusted to suit required U Values (as low as 0.11) and are project specific. Our design team will work alongside your Architect to develop the most suitable system for your build. Our standard panel system utilises internal VCL (vapour control layer) integrated racking board and is vapour open externally. Wall and roof panels are fitted with a high performing breather membrane and / or interlocking rigid woodfibre board externally.

The Post & Beam carpentry team will cut and assemble all panels in a controlled dry workshop ready for assembly on site. Natural Panel by Post & Beam can be installed independently or incorporated into schemes with one of our structural timber or oak frames for a complete oak frame and building shell solution.